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About Us

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Our Brand: Optimal alignment [=’Parallel’] of candidate and employer for long term [=’Futures’] mutual success.

We hunt ‘Game Changers’ - and ‘Game Makers'

We’ve worked searches at position levels up to and including CEO, President and COO. We’ve also assembled bespoke teams for clients.

We spend most time finding Business Development executives and Client Services professionals: true consultants to their clients, who can and want to give their clients the best service.

Although, primarily focused nationally in the USA, we have been very successful in international placements, especially in the UK, Europe and Asia-Pac. Typically, these have been key strategic roles for companies opening or growing their overseas offices and global business.

How Are We Different?

Our philosophy is that the beliefs, aspirations and long term interests of a candidate need to be in alignment with those of the client company. This emphasis on matching personality to culture as opposed to simply matching resume attributes, allows the sourcing of candidates for niche roles in which recruiting criteria is unclear or undefined at the outset. The team applies a unique 3D recruiting model to tackle the most difficult searches.

Confidentiality, empathy, diplomacy and tact are essential recruiting skills. Sadly most recruiters fall short of truly understanding what a Candidate has donecould do and reallywants to do. Most candidates have some idea of what roles and options may be open to them; but many need guidance and access to ‘The Hidden Job Market’.

Clients rely on us to find the most valuable person: the 'A' player. The visionary leader who can roadmap and turn a company around; the driven business developer; the creator or the catalyst. Our clients expect qualified candidates with more than just the required skills or experience. Usually such candidates are very busy achieving.

They may be well known or identifiable; but bringing them to the table is often another matter.

The candidates we work best with are those who are busy achieving rather than 'just looking for another job'. Finding and working with such people is our specialty. Management skills, technical strengths and business acumen are not easily gauged from resume or online methods alone!

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Recent Searches

We’ve worked searches at all levels right up to CEO. However, the team’s focus tends to be more with business development executives and client services professionals who are true consultants to their clients, who can and want to give their clients the best offering.

  • CEO
  • President & CEO
  • Managing Director, US Healthcare
  • Chairman and Advisor M&A
  • COO
  • CIO
  • EVP Sales & Business Development
  • Global Head of Quantitative Research & Strategy
  • SVP Analytics
  • SVP Sales & Business Development
  • Managing Director (New Overseas office)
  • SVP New Business Development
  • SVP Healthcare Client Services
  • SVP Brand Solutions
  • SVP Customer Experience Measurement
  • SVP Business Unit Head
  • SVP Organizational Development Director of Global Sales
  • Knowledge Architect
  • Chief Methodologist
  • General Manager (Bus Dev)
  • Organizational Change Management Consultant
  • VP Shopper Insights • Senior Project Director
  • VP Sales / Business Development
  • VP Client Services
  • VP Business Solutions
  • VP Marketing Effectiveness
  • Director of Technology Sales
  • Director Client Services
  • Account Director
  • Senior Manager, Client Services
  • Director of Qualitative
  • Ethnographer
  • Moderator
  • Director of Consumer Insights
  • Senior Project Director
  • Account Manager


What is your approach to recruitment?

Our approach to Recruitment: we try to put ourselves in our candidates’ shoes. We don’t pretend to be able to emulate what they think or feel – and we never make assumptions. But we ask lots of questions and we listen. We try to imagine how a candidate would feel in any considered company environment, culture and role based on our adaptive learning.

We don’t bring candidates to situations that we personally wouldn’t want if we were in their shoes. We strive to fundamentally understand what a candidate has done, could do and truly wants to do.

What is your approach to client services?

Regarding Client Service: we are accountable to our clients and can only sleep at night if they are happy. We would never bring a candidate whom we wouldn’t want to hire to a client company. Our reputation is everything to us in our world. We are passionate about what we do - we only win if everyone wins: client, candidate and their mutually agreeable outcome. Nothing makes us happier than when we revisit our clients companies and hear how their new hires have progressed and are excited to build their own teams.

What is your brand value?

The name “Parallel Futures” was literally created out of our desire to bring employer and employee together for optimal long term mutual alignment. This is our brand and ethos. Our goal was to differ from our competition and to totally avoid bad fit scenarios. We always want to do the right thing. But we hear all too often of churn in the context of recruiters who simply don’t care.

It isn’t about short term gain to us it’s all about the long term. Since our beginning, we’ve always strived to be different from the competition. We’ve heard the horror stories. We’ve had new client companies call us for a refreshing change.

Why Parallel Futures?

We find that boutique Market Research agencies find it harder to attract top talent. They invariably seek top performing researchers who are researchers at heart and consultants to clients that are driven by the pursuit of insight using the best means and passionate about articulating the message and influencing strategy. Usually the most desired of this genre are constantly in front of clients, in front of consumers, in research, with team or in airport terminals. Identifying these people and/or bringing them to the table is where we can truly add value since often they are too busy to look for a job and perhaps unfamiliar with the culture of a boutique that could truly make them happy.

Some Data: we believe our stats are truly unique:

  • A number of our client companies to date still employ 80-100% of all hires made through us since 2008.
  • Typically 70%+ of resumes presented are interviewed. *
  • Two-thirds of 1st Interviews proceeded beyond 1st interview. *
  • Historically 45% of placements were from just the 1st PFI resume presented.

Given our values and ethos we seek only the brightest, intelligent and engaging staff as our own team members. After the highest standards of integrity, the next most crucial skill for our team members is empathy. After asking the right questions we have to listen to our candidates and our clients in order to understand what we need to know. We are adaptive learners. We want to be your partner and bring only the people who fit your culture.

[*= PFI Historical data / will depend on nature of search]


The following testimonials are a selection from clients, candidates and some individuals that have been both in the position of being the candidate and then, subsequently, a client:

“If you don’t want the usual recruitment consultancy or mainstream recruitment experience, consider Parallel Futures. They will find you not just any job but, the job which suits your abilities the best.”

“Over the last 2-3 years I have worked with Parallel Futures both as a recruiter working on my behalf to fill critical positions within the business that I run but also as the individual responsible for placing in my current role! In both capacities, the team excels.”

“They know how to pull out all the stops to help you find the right employment experience, adapting your way of working to a matching employment environment.”

“Parallel Futures are extremely professional yet, dynamically personal. They impressed me with their sheer professionalism and approach to finding just the right position for me: the ‘right fit’. The level of contact was appropriate, always in the manner, time and delivery they said they would.”

“Key among the many qualities that Parallel Futures brings to each assignment is the following:

  • An extremely good understanding of the research process and the types of individuals who do well in the various roles within that process
  • They also take the time to carefully understand the culture of the organization asking for help, the personalities of the key players in that organization and the specific requirements of the role to be filled
  • In consequence he provides candidates who are always on target and never wastes the recruiting execs time; All of the team seem to be very well connected and have a good finger on the market’s pulse. They always seem to know who ’s strong and who’s not
  • They also act quickly and is always responsive, professional, constructive and insightful
  • Our consultant is also a likeable guy who is easy to relate to both as a client and as a candidate. He inspires trust in those he meets which promotes candor and openness which in turn helps deliver a good search outcome.”

“They were extremely helpful and friendly – a pleasure to do business with - and not at all like other recruiters/companies/agencies. The quality of service was far superior to any other agent/company I had been in contact and/or dealt with during my job search.”

“I have the utmost confidence in Kevin and his team and highly recommend their services. Many thanks for all your support and advice throughout my employment searching process!”

“The team brings a high level of professionalism in their engagements. They have tremendous follow-through and work well as a partner, understanding the client's objectives. I would recommend them without hesitation.”

"The only recruiter I've worked with who knows the questions that I am going to ask before I ask them. He has done well for us by providing a top-class service. Congratulations!"

"I just wanted to thank you again for all your help during my job search. I couldn't have asked for anyone better, and I sincerely appreciate all of the time and effort you put into your work. I can't believe that just three weeks ago I returned from Italy, and now I have a fantastic new job! Thank you!"

It starts with people... and it really is all about great people.