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Winning the race

Our core business is Permanent Placement in targeted segments in which the identification and recruitment of key players falls short of demand. The Parallel Futures team specializes in executive search in the following niche areas:

  • Marketing Insights, Information & Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy Consulting
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Marketing Analytics and Predictive Modeling

Our focus is to identify, qualify and deliver candidates who have the goals that are in-sync with your organization.

We are more than a recruitment firm. We are very pleased to be considered a valued partner and solution provider to many long term clients.

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Throughout good times and bad, there are companies that are prospering – often, because of innovation and/or the uniqueness of their product and service offering. In many cases, success of such firms can be attributed to leadership vision, company culture and team dynamics. Getting the balance right is everything!

Online search tools, job boards and the latest emerging technologies can identify a multitude of seemingly viable candidates who seem to have the technical skills. But do you really expect to be able to judge People Skills, Management Capability, Leadership Qualities and Business Acumen from a resume? Have you ever worked out the cost of a bad hire?

For any senior position the right combination of these skills is crucial. More importantly, can you attract, hire and retain the people most suited to your company’s culture?

Please feel free to consult us about any Staffing or Organizational Development issue; we partner with associates in other fields that complement our capabilities.

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It starts with people... and it really is all about great people.